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Eyelash Extensions, Mississippi
Confidence is Beauty ~ At G Lash Studio...It's Our Specialty!

Have you always wanted longer, thicker eyelashes?  G Lash Studio's eyelash extensions can help you give up the mascara and have the lashes you've always wanted!


What sets G Lash Studio apart? 

~ Over 10 years of experience providing excellence and expertise in the art of eyelash extension application.

~ Our commitment to using the safest and highest quality products in the industry.

~ Our promise to always place our client's eyelash health first and foremost.


Our eyelash extensions are individually applied with a medical grade adhesive to each one of your own natural lashes.

The results are amazing!  Instant volume and desired length!  They'll look so natural, no one will know they're not yours!

Best of all, when applied with the precision of the “single extension to single natural lash” technique, eyelash extensions will not harm or damage your own natural lashes.

Are you ready to wake up every morning looking vibrant, young and sexy??

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